DF28 Interior

With the Dragonfly 28 trimaran we, at Quorning Boats, will be very happy to contribute to the adventures and spirit of old and new Dragonfly sailors, everywhere around the globe.

Dragonfly 28 - Images

We have collected some photos and other imagery showing very promising aspects of the Dragonfly 28 trimaran.

We hope to give you an idea of the many possibillities Dragonfly 28 can present to you. The time is for open for exploration and new discoveries.

Quorning Boats - Dragonfly 28


Quorning Boats - Dragonfly 28 Sport


DF28 - Versatile and fun for all...



DF28 - Fast and full of thrills...



DF28 - Spacious and efficient...



DF28 - Fun and no limits for inventive sailors...